Championship Matches will be held from December 3rd to December 14th 2014.


Bidding dates will be announced shortly.


The Pre-release event will be held in Bangalore and Kodagu. Dates to be announced shortly.


1. 4 x 4 Racing – Mudskipper (open to all) – Recognised by FMSCI
2. Thathanda Family Hockey Cup 2014.
3. Nanga Kodava Rink Hockey Tournament.
5. Chess Tournament.
6. Martial Arts Training.
7. Dance Classes.
8. Strength and Endurance Training.


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We are proud to announce the launch of Kodava Champions Trophy, which will see the participation of the top 16 (quarter finalists) of this year’s Kodava Hockey Tournament (Thathanda Hockey Cup). The tournament has been designed on the lines of Champions Trophy conducted by FIH at the international level.
Some salient features of the tournament,
  • This tournament will be held for 12 days at Ammathi.

  • It will feature the elite 16 Kodava family teams.

  • Five Kodava Guest players in each team.